PANEL ONE: Clef? Do you have a moment? Clef: Umi?  
PANEL TWO: Clef: Wha- Umi: do you think it suits me? 
PANEL THREE: Because it’s Tanabata, we decided to all three of us to come wearing yukata. It’s hard to wear~
PANEL FOUR: …Clef, are even you listening?

Panel five (NEXT PAGE~) Umi: meh. Clef: s-sorry, it suits you well. 
Panel Six: Umi: ah, could it be you’re in the middle of work? 
Panel Seven: Clef: No, I just finished. 
Panel Eight: Umi: I was thinking about going for a walk now, shall we go together? Is that okay?
Panel Nine: Ah, is there somewhere you want to go?
Panel ten: Um, that’s right, if that’s the case…