A To-Do List of Sorts

As I am trying to get this site up to the level I always wanted it, I am fininding myself in need of making a list or seven of what I need and want to add to this site.  It’s amazing how long such lists can get:


Episode Summaries
Updated Spell List
–Alphabetical order, perhaps?
Car Names List
More Scans
–Finish Materials Collection
–Rescan Original Songbook I
More Merchandise Images
–Books, Manga, Games, Music
–Enlarge Merchandise Info Section
Fanon Information
Expand Fanfiction Archive
–Update sign-up info on archive
–Include links to suggested non-archived authors
Forum introduction page


New Media Section

As you can see up on the top menu there is a new drop-down item, Media.  This is where you will be able to find all sorts of multimedia of Rayearth, scans, avatars, wallpaper, and other downloadable items.

Currently, there are the original scans of Original Songbook I that were made years ago for this site (a few pages need to be re-scanned), and scans of the first third of the Materials Collection book.  Over the next month or so, hopefully this section will be more fleshed out.

Link List Added

Definitely Not Tokyo is glad to announce that we now have a our link list up and running.  We will attempt to add to it as we can, but at the moment it is a pretty massive thing considering all the websites that have died over the past few years.

We are still quite heartsick over the loss of Windam.net, but thanks to Reocities, we are glad to say that we have been able to keep the majority of our old Geocities links on the list. Though they are surrounded by more adverts than they once were, all their content still exists in cyberspace and this make our hearts glad.

Please come by our new Link Page

The Forum Has Returned

Well, I am pleased to announce that the forum is now back up and running.  I pulled it down and spent countless hours trying to get it upgraded from the nearly ancient version 1.0.8 that it was up to the 2.0.2 that it is now.  It did not want to cooperate in the slightest.

One of the nice things about the update is that I could reopen registration.  All the spam bot problems seem to be solved for the most part. I do hope that you all can come over and join the conversation.  It needs new life breathed into it.

You can easily access the forum from the sidebar.  It’s the button labeled Cephiro, obviously.



I hope to see you all there.