For many years, Definitely Not Tokyo has hosted fanfiction from a number of creators of varying pairings and themes. While we have tried different methods of categorising and hosting these stories, nothing has stuck. Which is why we have decided to stop hosting fanfiction on our server.

While a few stories will remain in our archives (available to readers upon request) we will now direct you to the Magic Knight Rayearth section of Archive of our own.

Magic Knight Rayearth on AO3

Archive of Our Own is a nonprofit website that is part of the Organization for Transformative Works. They are dedicated to keeping fandom free from censorship that has been rampant on sites such as and LiveJournal. AO3 will likely be standing long after Definitely Not Tokyo is gone, and we feel this is the best place to post new fanfiction.

This page will be updated with information about our prompt community and our AO3 collections at a later date.