Magic Knights

Hikaru Voice: Hekiru Shiina, Julie Maddalena “A good example of a pure, honest, and simple girl. Although she is vertically challenged, she can jump very well. She is good at attacks using a sword because she has been learning kendo since she was a small child.” Birthday: August 8 Astrological Sign: Leo Grade at start of series: […]


Rayearth Voice: Hideyuki Tanaka, Lex Lang Rayearth, holder of the Power of Fire, is shaped like a red lion. Hikaru revived him in the Fire Shrine, and he fought with her as a Mashin. As with Mokona, his true figure was not revealed in the main portion of the story, but he represents Fire, Passion, and […]


Clef Voice: Nozomu Sasaki The Master Sorceror that provides magic and teaches the spells to people who possess magical potential. He promised Princess Emeraude to help lead those summoned from another world to become the Magic Knights. He looks like a child, but is 745 years old. He is the supreme Yil (magician) — therefore the […]


Eagle Vision Voice: Megumi Ogata, Jerry Gelb The commander-in-chief of NSX, the battleship that Autozam sent to conquer Cephiro. He is also the strongest Commander in Autozam. When there is no battle, he is very calm and always smiling. He seems to have a clumsy side, and he seems to fall asleep during conferences or to trip […]


Tarta Voice: Aya Hisakawa Chizeta’s younger princess. Sometimes very stubborn, but an honest and kind princess at heart. Is worried about the small size of the country, and wants to make it even slightly bigger for her parents. That is why she decided to come to Cephiro. The king and queen of Chizeta, however, have no […]


Aska Voice: Chinami Nishimura, A child as anyone can see. The Empress-to-be of Fahren. She is the only heir and her parents have passed away, so she has grown up spoiled,but she is also honest and kind at heart. She decided to come to Cephiro from purely childish materialistic desires: she wants to become a pretty […]