One of the fun things that CLAMP does in Magic Knight Rayearth is give the characters titles in Cephiran rather than simply Japanese. Because of the duality of furigana, they could use the kanji for the meaning of the word while giving the invented pronunciation of the word in katakana.

The titles are listed in gojuuon order.

イル • 魔導師 • まどうし 「Iru • Madoushi」

A master of magic

Characters With This Title:Alcyone


魔 can mean ‘magic’ and 導師 can be read as ‘teacher’, ‘instructor’, or ‘high-ranking preist’, but all together, 魔導師 can also simply just mean ‘mage’. But if you want to have a little fun, it can be read as ‘magic teacher’.

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: SorcererTP TP2 DH,  IleTP TP2,  IlKC
German Iru-Zauber-MeisterinCC
Portuguese MagaJBC

カイル • 魔法剣士 • まほうけんし「Kairu • Mahou Senshi」

A master in both swordsmanship and magic

Characters With This Title:Lantis


魔法 means ‘magic’ or ‘sorcery’. 剣士 means ‘swordsman’. Thus, 魔法剣士 means ‘magic swordsman’.

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: CailTP TP2 DH,  KyelKC
German Kairu-Zauber-RitterCC
Portuguese Espadachim MágicoJBC

グル • 導師 • どうし 「Guru • Doushi」

Master mage. The preeminent Iru

Characters With This Title:Clef


導師 can be read as ‘teacher’, ‘instructor’, or ‘high-ranking preist’.

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: GuruTP TP2 DH KC
German GuruCC
Portuguese GuruJBC

ソル • 神官 • しんかん 「Soru • Shinkan」

The high priest of Cephiro

Characters With This Title:Zagato


神官 translates as ‘Shinto priest’.

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: High PriestTP,  PriestTP TP2 DH,  SolTP TP2 DH KC
German Soru-PriesterCC
Portuguese SacerdoteJBC

ダル • 剣闘師 • けんとうし「Daru • Sentoushi」

A master swordsman

Characters With This Title:Lafarga


剣 means ‘sword’, 闘 can mean ‘fight’ and 師 is ‘master’. So, 剣闘師 can be read as ‘sword fighting master’, which is a pretty decent title for someone who is the captain of the guard.

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: DalTP TP2 DH KC
German Daru-Schwert-KampfmeisterCC
Portuguese EspadachimJBC

はしら • 柱 「Hashira」

The person who supports the whole of Cephiro through the power of their own will

Characters With This Title:Emeraude, Hikaru


柱 literally means ‘pillar’

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: PillarTP TP2 DH KC
German PillarCC
Portuguese PillarJBC

パル • 招喚士 • しょうかんし「Paru • Shoukanshi」

A master summoner. Someone who can summon spirit beasts and monsters

Characters With This Title:Ascot


招喚 together can mean ‘summon’ and 士 means ‘warrior’.

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: PaluTP TP2 DH KC
German ParuCC
Portuguese InvocadorJBC

ファル • 創師 • そうし「Faru • Soushi」

A master smith who can craft things from various materials through their energy

Characters With This Title:Presea


創る can mean ‘to make’ or ‘to produce’ and 師 can be used for ‘master’, so I suppose you could translate it as ‘master maker’ or ‘making master’ which would be why it can be translated as a master smith.

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: Chief ArtisanTP TP2,  FarlTP,  PharleTP TP2 DH,  Chief PharleDH,  PharlKC
German Faru-Schmiede-MeisterinCC
Portuguese FerreiraJBC

マジックナイト • 魔法騎士 「Majikunaito • Mahoukishi」

A person summoned to Cephiro from another world by the pillar to help re-stabilise Cephiro – by helping the pillar remove themself from Cephiro

Characters With This Title:Umi, Fuu, Hikaru


魔法 means ‘magic’ and 騎士 means ‘knight’ like a medieval knight, so it means exactly what it says on the tin.

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: Magic KnightTP TP2 DH KC
German Magic KnightCC
Portuguese Guerreira MágicaJBC

ラル • 幻惑師 • げんわくし 「Raru • Genwakushi」

A skilled magic user who is able to create illusions and bewitch people with dance

Characters With This Title:Caldina


幻惑 can mean ‘entrancement’ or ‘bewitchment’ and 師 means ‘master’, so it could be translated as something like ‘enchantress’

Other Translations & Transliterations:

English: CharmerTP TP2 DH,  LalKC
German Laru-Hexen-MeisterinCC
Portuguese IlusionistaJBC