Cephiro– The essential Rayearth link nowadays
Strength of Heart
Magic Knight Rayearth Dimention -One of the best sites for information, but the main page only works in IE unfortunately, but you can still access the Anime and OVA pages here and here in other browsers.
In My Heart
Shinjiru Kokoro
Cephiro’s Mirror
Illuminate-About the OVA
MAS Magic Knight Rayearth Page
Essence of Cephiro-General information with an Umi/Clef slant
Orionnmac’s Magic Knight Rayearth Page
Prayers From a Mystic Realm
Between Tokyo and Cephiro
Casstera’s Rayearth Page
Spiral Lights
Something Eterna

Character Shrines

c.a.n.d.y.g.r.a.m.-Geo Metro
Clef’s Palace– Mage Clef
Cresta-Mage Clef
Dreamchild -A Shrine to Lady Asuka
Ebony Knight -Lantis
Emeraude- chan-Princess Emeraude
Ferio of the Manga-Ferio
From Me To You-Hououji Fuu
Golden-Eyed Prince-An Eagle Shrine
Green Whirlwind-Hououji Fuu
Hydro Powered-Ryuuzaki Umi
Igneus Curator-Shidou Hikaru
Iridescent Ultramarine– Ryuuzaki Umi
Legendary Fire-Shidou Hikaru
Madoshi Clef-Mage clef
micropink-a michrosocpic Nova shrine
Mokona-the Definition of Kawaii
Nova’s Dimention of Silence-Nova
Pure Flames-Shidou Hikaru
A Quick Clef Page-Mage Clef
Sese’s Shrine to Zazu Torque -Zazu
Soul Lightning-Mage Clef
Umi no Jinja– Ryuuzaki Umi
Vision– Eagle Vision
Water Dragon-Ryuuzaki Umi

Relationship Shrines

All You Need Is Love-Umi and clef
The Fuu and Ferio Shrine-also known as F squared
Green Warriors-Fuu and Ferio
Midori Kaze-Fuu and Ferio
Morning Dew-Fuu and Ferio
Promises Not Needed-Fuu and Ferio


Communites on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth that focus on Magic Knight Rayearth. Some haven’t been active in a while, but are great sources for random fanfiction and icons.

MK Rayearth
MKR Drabbles
MKR Contest
MKR Contest Two
Rayearth Fanfic
Rayearth Icons


Not all of these are classified as official, but these are all the fanlisting links we have.  Some are repeats from the character shrine list above.

Petite Jealousy-Primera
Hydro Powered-Umi
Beautiful Wind-Fuu
Kokoro No Honoo-Hikaru
Glorious Knight-Lantis

Because I Want To See Your Smile-Umi and Clef
Look Into My Eyes-Umi and Ascot
Sweet Sorrow-Emeraude and Zagato
Dimensional Love-Hikaru and Lantis

Shinjiru Kokoro-Magic Knight Rayearth
Sacrifice-Rayearth Season One
Holy Will-Rayearth Season Two

Up to the Light-Yuzurenai Negai


Magic Knight Rayearth for SNES
The Apocryphal Quotes
Magic Knight Rayearth Page Reviews
Rayearth Sound Archive
Run Spot, Run-a parody site

If you know of a site we are missing, or if one of our links is dead, let us know.