Voice: Chinami Nishimura,

A child as anyone can see. The Empress-to-be of Fahren. She is the only heir and her parents have passed away, so she has grown up spoiled,but she is also honest and kind at heart. She decided to come to Cephiro from purely childish materialistic desires: she wants to become a pretty princess and do whatever she wishes. Sanyun’s mother was her nanny. She hates to study, and is always scolded by the sage Chanan — but she never gives in to him. She controls the illusionary spells passed on only to the royal family in Fahren to fight the Magic Knights.

Favorite thing: Confectioneries (esp. peach donuts), mischief, Sanyun

Sang Yung

Voice: Satomi Koorogi,  Barbara Goodson

The loyal servant of Asuka, who grew up by her side. The face resembles a gag-manga character, but is actually very thoughtful and studious. He studies day and night about many things, hoping that someday he will be helping Asuka when she rules over Fahren. He cannot use illusionary spells because he is not of the royal family, but is excellent at martial arts and at archery. He seems to have a fondness for Asuka, but has no intentions of telling her because of the social class difference.

Favorite thing: Asuka, books

Chang Ang

Voice: Teppei Miyauchi (26), Tatsuyuki Ishimori (31~), Milton James

A Cabinet member of Fahren. He currently rules over Fahren as the young Asuka wouldn’t be able to handle it. A relative of the royal family, he can use a little bit of illusionary spells. He has hopes that Asuka will become a great empress with the correct guidance, based on her illusionary ability and bright, honest and kind personality. Thus, he treats her fairly harshly, so Asuka thinks of him as a “preachy old man” but he doesn’t mind. He hopes that Sanyun will help the somewhat clumsy Asuka in the future.

Favorite thing: apricot wine, shoulder massages

*Quoted text comes from the manga translations done by Fuu of Cephiro