Voice: Nozomu Sasaki

The Master Sorceror that provides magic and teaches the spells to people who possess magical potential. He promised Princess Emeraude to help lead those summoned from another world to become the Magic Knights. He looks like a child, but is 745 years old. He is the supreme Yil (magician) — therefore the title “Guru”. He seems to have a short temper.

Title: Yil/ Guru / Madoushi
(Master Sorceror)
Age: 745 Cephiran years
Favorite thing: Silence
Least favorite thing: Rowdiness
Hobbies: going on walks, talking
to seijyus (spirit beasts /


Voice: Emi Shinohara

A Pharle’s job is to create weapons for all occasions — ceremonial symbols as well as weapons for battle. Presea is the supreme Pharle; she is the only one that can create weapons from the Legendary Mineral Eskudo. Sometimes she does not listen to what others say; she lets her imagination run wild instead… That is the troubling thing about her.

Title: Pharle / Soushi
(Master Creator)
Favorite thing: V-TEC (a Cephiran food)
Least favorite thing: A messy room
Hobbies: Torture



Voice: Takumi Yamazaki

Title: Bard / Thief / Bodyguard / etc. etc.
Favorite thing: Sleep
Least favorite thing: Sleep deprivation
Hobbies: Naps
Family: Sister


Voice: Juurouta Kosugi

He was in a position where he would support Emeraude’s powers as Pillar and protect her so that nothing got in the way of her Prayer. He loved Emeraude, and thus for the sake of his own Heart, positioned himself against the Magic Knights. When he was a Sol, he was a calm, considerate person who always helped the Princess.

Title: Shinkan / Sol
Family: Brother


Voice: Megumi Ogata

She is the Pillar that supports Cephiro with the power of her Prayer. Cephiro reflects exactly what is going on within the Princess’s Heart. Right now, she cannot pray for the peace and stability of Cephiro, so there are monsters creating confusion and war all thoughout the land. Although younger than Clef, she is pretty old. Nevertheless, the Princess looks like a young girl.

Title: Hime(Princess) / Pillar
Family: Brother


Voice: Yuko Nagashima

Title: Genwakushi / Ral


Voice: Minami Takayama

Title: Shoukanshi / Bal


Voice: Yukimasa Kishino

Title: Kentoushi / Dal


Voice: Yuri Amano

Title: Madoushi/ Yil


The younger brother of Sol Zagato. He used to be the only Kailu in Cephiro, but he disappeared one day. He returned to Cephiro after Princess Emeraude passed away. He learned magic from Guru Clef, and had more power than the Dals, but he is now a mysterious figure. Although his voice sounds very similar to Zagato’s, his personality seems to be drastically different. He is always reticent and poker-faced. It will be a while before the truth about this guy that looks like he’s thinking about something but might not be thinking of anything at all will be known.

Title: Mahoukenshi / Kailu
(Master Creator)
Favorite thing: naps
Least favorite thing: sweet things


A pixie that claims she’s been with Lantis ever since he rescued her when she was being attacked by monsters. She can use healing magic, although she only uses them for Lantis’s wounds. Although he has no romantic intentions, she dreams about a future where she lives happily together with Lantis… and dislikes anything that gets in the way of that dream.

Title: pixie
(Master Creator)
Favorite thing: Lantis, Plug, Gear (plug & gear are food in
Least favorite thing: anything that messes with Lantis


Voice: Ryoutarou Okiayu


Voice: Junko Takahata


Voice: Miki Itou

*Quoted text comes from the manga translations done by Fuu of Cephiro