Voice: Hideyuki Tanaka, Lex Lang

Rayearth, holder of the Power of Fire, is shaped like a red lion. Hikaru revived him in the Fire Shrine, and he fought with her as a Mashin. As with Mokona, his true figure was not revealed in the main portion of the story, but he represents Fire, Passion, and Future.


Voice: Tesshô Genda, Terrence Stone

Selece, holder of the Power of Water, is shaped like a blue sea dragon. Umi revived him in the Water Shrine and fought with her since as a Mashin. He represents Water, Kindness, and Present.


Voice: Akio Ohtsuka

Windam, the holder of the Power of Wind, is shaped like a green bird with four wings. He fought with Fuu after being revived in the Wind Shrine. He represents Wind, Knowledge, and Past.

*Quoted text comes from the manga translations done by Fuu of Cephiro