“A good example of a pure, honest, and simple girl. Although she is vertically challenged, she can jump very well. She is good at attacks using a sword because she has been learning kendo since she was a small child.”

Birthday: August 8
Astrological Sign: Leo
Year at start of series: Junior High 2nd Year
Blood type: O
Favorite food: Ice cream
Least favorite food: spicy food
Favorite class: Biology
Least favorite class: Music
Extracurriculars: Kendo (Japanese fencing) team
Hobbies: Playing with Hikari, her dog
Specialties: Kendo, talking to animals
Favorite color: Red
Career Hopes: Seeing-eye dog trainer
Family: Mother
three older brothers (Satoru, Masaru, Kakeru)
Father (on training trip)
Magic Element: Fire

Voice: Hekiru ShiinaJulie Maddalena


She is not afraid of things and speaks her mind clearly, so she may be seen as a selfish person. However, she cares deeply about all her friends. She uses rapiers well due to her fencing experience.

Birthday: March 3
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Year at start of series: Junior High 2nd Year
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Least favorite food: sweet food
Favorite class: English
Least favorite class: Sewing half of home education
Extracurriculars: Fencing team
Hobbies: Baking cakes
Specialties: Understanding of English, fencing
Favorite color: Blue
Career Hopes: A bride
Family: Mother
Magic Element: Water

Voice: Konami YoshidaWendee Lee


Fuu is always smiling, but inside she is quite a strategist. Her comments are often right to the point. Her usage of the bow and arrow comes from her being in the archery club at school.

Birthday: December 12
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Year at start of series: Junior High 2nd Year
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Tessa (thinly
sliced raw blowfish)
Least favorite food: Bad-tasting food
Favorite class: Math
Least favorite class: Art
Extracurriculars: Archery team
Hobbies: Reading
Specialties: Computer programming
Favorite color: Green
Carrer Hopes: Computer systems engineer
Family: Mother
Elder sister (Kuu)
Magic Element: Air