Car Names List

As many a fan is aware, all the characters in Cephiro and beyond are named after cars or car related brands. CLAMP says this is because they can’t come up with fantasy names, which is understandable. While we have listed the car names in the character profiles, we have also compiled a list for your convienience. 

CephiroNissan Cefiro
EmeraudeMitsubishi Emeraude
ClefMazda Clef
ZagatoZagato (brand)  [a shop that does custom parts and
custom work on cars like Ferraris]

AlcyoneSubaru Alcione
PreseaNissan Presea
FerioHonda Civic Ferio
EscudoSuzuki Escudo
AscotHonda Ascot
EternaMistubishi Eterna
Toyota Corolla Ceres
WindomToyota Windom
InnouvaHonda Ascot Innova
LantisMazda Lantis
PrimeraNissan Primera
DebonairMitsubishi Debonair
NovaChevrolet Nova