Eagle Vision

Voice: Megumi OgataJerry Gelb

The commander-in-chief of NSX, the battleship that Autozam sent to conquer Cephiro. He is also the strongest Commander in Autozam. When there is no battle, he is very calm and always smiling. He seems to have a clumsy side, and he seems to fall asleep during conferences or to trip and fall where there is nothing to trip on. He likes sweet things, and he loves to drink tea and space out. He loves to sleep more than anything else.

Favorite thing: Sweet things, teatime, naps
Least favorite thing: doesn’t have anything in particular

Geo Metro

Voice: Kiyoyuki YanadaDoug Stone

The Subcommander for the NSX. An excellent Fighter. Eagle’s friend and general baby-sitter. He is outgoing, like his appearance, but for some reason he has a sweet tooth and can’t drink alcohol at all. He is also friends with Lantis, so there must have been much to think about during this conquest project. He makes a good combo with Zazu: they are good friends despite their age difference.

Favorite thing: sweet food, anything that tastes good, cooking
Least favorite thing: alcohol

Zazu Torque

Voice: Jun’ichi Kanemaru

The youngest crew member and also the Chief Mechanic of NSX. He came along on this mission because he has a crush on Eagle’s FTO. In contrast with Geo who can’t drink, he loves any form of alcohol, and has a strong tolerance. Although he kids around with Geo a lot, he is a great mechanic and can fix anything from battleships to microwave ovens. He is currently looking for a girlfriend.

Favorite thing: FTO, alcohol
Least favorite thing: people who wreck his beloved mechas


The figher-mecha custom-made for Eagle. The machine emphasizes speed and lightness (weightwise), and is undefeated in Autozam. It has a laser-sword that matches Eagle’s on its hand, and it can fire vulcans, beams, and the like. Eagle, who is usually calm, supposedly becomes a completely different person when he gets on FTO. There are regular models of fighter-mechas, but Eagle’s FTO and Geo’s GTO are specially tuned.

*Quoted text comes from the manga translations done by Fuu of Cephiro