Voice: Aya Hisakawa

Chizeta’s younger princess. Sometimes very stubborn, but an honest and kind princess at heart. Is worried about the small size of the country, and wants to make it even slightly bigger for her parents. That is why she decided to come to Cephiro. The king and queen of Chizeta, however, have no problems with a small country, and just wish that their people live in peace and happiness. She practices her martial arts every day, and studies to be a better lord, but cannot win against her older sister no matter what she does.

Favorite thing: Father, Mother, Martial arts training, Tatra (for now)


Voice: Kikuko Inoue

The older princess of Chizeta. Always happy and sanguine, but there seems to be something more underneath. Although she seems weak and ditzy, she is the best at martial arts and learning in Chizeta. Tarta seems to mind the fact that she has never won against her older sister. Tatra is rather indifferent about coming to Cephiro. She loves to drink tea and tries to hold tea parties even during battle when there is time. She also seems to enjoy Tarta losing it when the tea parties are held during battle.

Favorite thing: Tarta, tea

Rakoon & Rasheen

The guardian spirits that protect the princesses of Chizeta. It seems to function like guardian angels for the royal family of Chizeta. Rakoon guards Tarta and Rasheen guards Tatra. Their personalities are said to differ slightly, but not much is known. Since they are spirits, they do not have a basic shape and can morph into anything. They usually seem to be in a shape resembling a genie.


*Quoted text comes from the manga translations done by Fuu of Cephiro