Essays & Meta

A collection of essays and other analysis of Magic Knight Rayearth.

The Truth About Fuu Hououji

by Inky Compass   I don’t understand why people keep insisting that Fuu is a shy, quiet wallflower. It’s very frustrating to me because when people say that about her, I think it’s because they’re just putting her in a box of assumption—they see “polite geek with glasses” and assume that meekness comes with that … Continue reading The Truth About Fuu Hououji

Clemi Analysis of Series 2

analysis written by: Aikakone 21: A Departure and New Ties When Umi is at home with her romantic parents, she wishes the problem she has was of a romantic nature. Well, she just might get her wish! Later when the trio goes to Cephiro, Fyula, Clef’s spirit beast, is the one that rescues them from … Continue reading Clemi Analysis of Series 2