Bonus Stages

The tankouban release came with bonus material added at the end of each volume. The first three volumes’ bonus sections were sealed, so they would be a surprise until they could be cut open by the owner. 

The bonus sections have only been included in some of the releases for Rayearth manga, but not all of them.  

Magic Knight Rayearth

Volume One

Character profiles for Hikaru, Umi, Fuu, and Mokona

How do Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu spend their nights in Cephiro?

In this bonus stage, we learn Mokona carries an egg-shaped house in their gem. The inside of the house is like a hotel room with a bed big enough for the three girls, nightgowns, and toothbrushes. We also learn that Hikaru tries to continue the quest in her sleep, and tries to drag Umi along with her, and Fuu tickles her in her sleep. Both of their antics mean Umi doesn’t get much sleep.

Volume Two

Profiles of Emeraude, Clef, Presea, and Ferio.

What do Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu eat in Cephiro?

In this bonus stage, we learn that Umi likes to bake despite not liking sweets, and uses her parents and friends as taste testers.

We also learn that despite being able to summon food from their gem, Mokona does not eat.

Volume Three

Profiles for transformed Emeraude and Zagato, plus titles for Lafarga, Caldina, Ascot, and Alcyone.

What are Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu’s families like?

In this bonus stage, we learn that  Hikaru’s Japanese is like a boy’s because she has three older brothers. When asked, Umi says she is an only child, and Fuu tells them that has an older sister. When Fuu says this means Hikaru has the largest family with six people, Hikaru says it’s only five because her father is not living with them. Umi makes a joke that Hikaru must have beaten him at kendo when she was in kindergarten and he left to train, and is shocked to discover this is exactly what happened.

Magic Knight Rayearth 2

Volume one

Profiles for Lantis, Primera, Eagle, FTO, Geo, and Zazu

Paper doll of Hikaru 

Volume Two

Profiles for Tarta, Tatra, Rakoon and Rasheen, Aska, SangYung, and ChangAn.

Paper doll of Umi

Volume Three

Profiles for Rayearth, Selece, Windam, and Mokona

Paper doll of Fuu