Dragon of Winter Nights (a.k.a. DOWN)

Dragon of winter nights picked a ridiculously long name for herself, and usually goes by ‘down’, because if she cannot be bothered to type her name then she certainly can’t make anyone else do so. She is obsessed with playing with words, italics, wriggly lines, Clef, Umi, and everything contained within Rayearth~

Also swords, but she tries not to make that too obvious in public.

Clef is her favourite flying buttress.

(Down is also studying Japanese, and welcomes any help with her translations.)

Find Down Elsewhere:  AO3, DeviantART, Dreamwidth, FFN, Tumblr

Fuu of Cephiro

Fuu’s fansite, Cephiro, was the starting point for a lot of the information gathered on this website. It was the primary source of information for me as a teenager, and even though it now only exists in archives, I would like to give credit where credit is due.