Layouts and Themes

If you ever wondered what you may have missed by not coming sooner, we thought we’d let you have a look at our website’s evolution over the years. (Please ignore the bad JPGs. Those are the only images I have of the layouts now, so there is little helping them) Feb 2005-Feb 2006: This was […]

Update History

4 April 2006 Yes, a new layout after only a few months of the other one. It had become too tiresome to get pages to be linked where I wanted them. Also, as I haven’t updated the updates in a while, I wanted to mention the new forum and fanfiction archives. please visit them. The […]


Originally, Definitely Not Tokyo was going to just be yet another little fansite, a place to declare love for CLAMP’s wonderful creation, but all that changed after the first few years. Once there were a number of wonderful Magic Knight Rayearth websites just brimming with information. One of the most well known, the¬†quintessential¬†Rayearth link on […]