The Administrator

A Little Personal Info

Milieva is in her early thirties. She lives in small book-filled cottage in Norfolk, England with her wife, Dragon of Winter Nights, and their three cats: Neville, Severus, and Mjolnir.

Tea is one of her most serious addictions outside of Magic Knight Rayearth, drinking no less than three cups a day. She is the proud owner of twenty teapots. It is also not uncommon for her to drop $50 at a local specialty tea shop in one go when she needs to replenish her stock.

Fandom History

Milieva discovered Magic Knight Rayearth when she was about 15 years old. A friend introduced her to the series by loaning her a VHS tape of the final four episodes of the first season. Left wondering exactly what had happened once she watched the tape, she went in search for more of the story, falling in love with it through the manga. Over the next year or two, she and her friends collected the VHS tapes, started writing fanfiction and drawing fanart for the series, and began connecting with other fans for a brief period.

She wandered away from the fandom for a few years, falling back in love again around 2005, when she createdPsynos and resuurected an her old fansite, Definitely Not Tokyo.

Definitely Not Tokyo is the long standing pet project of one Milieva.  She claims she just might tinker with it until the day she dies, but who knows if it will survive that long.