Episode 1: The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights

Summary by: Milieva
For: Definitely Not Tokyo

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Help save this world, legendary magic knights…
The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights

Three schools are on field trips to Tokyo Tower. Hikaru’s classmates are distressed with this fact, but Hikaru is having the time of her life looking out the binoculars. She runs out of money in short order, and Fuu come up to lend her some spare change. We see Umi walk by with her class, as she is admired by Hikaru’s classmates. All three girls catch each other’s eye just before they all hear Emeraude’s voice. Tokyo tower disappears and the three girls fall through the sky and land on a giant flying fish.

Meanwhile Zagato is watching the girls’.

The fish, Fyula, drops the girls off on a cliff before being summoned back into Clef’s staff. The mage informs the girls that they cannot return back to their world until they save this one.

Back at our villain’s lair, Zagato chooses Alcyone to dispose of the girls before they become a problem to his plan.

On the cliff, we learn about the current state of Cephiro and the fact that the three girls need to revive the Mashin to save Cephiro, while also teaching Hikaru how to harness her magic. The sky darkens and Clef summons a griffin to take the girls to the Forest of Silence, instructing them to find Presea.

As soon as he is alone, Alcyone attacks Clef just long enough to distract him as she pursues the girls. Hidden from Clef’s Sight, Zagato casts a spell, turning the mage to stone.

Alcyone cathes up with the girls and attacks. Hikaru takes a stand and uses her magic. Flame Arrow. Alcyone’s horse is destroyed and we don’t kow if she is. Hikaru collapses from the effort of the magic.

Emeraude grieves over Clef from her prison as Zagato confronts her.

End of Episode One