Manga vs Anime

With the transfer of a six volume manga to a 45 episode series, there are bound to be a few differences between the two mediums. To extend the length, new characters have been added which increases the number of subplot lines they are able to create. At the very least the one true continuation is that the script was written by Ohkawa Ageha, so it is still true to the original Rayearth cannon.

Here we have taken it upon ourselves to list a few of the more prominent differences from the manga and anime series.

Difference # 1 : Presea/Sierra
 Presea is injured when Ascot attacks her home, but is not killed. She returns in the second half to restore the knights’ weapons.
Anime: Presea is killed in Ascot’s attack. In the second season, her part is played by her twin sister Sierra. We also find that both women were supposedly in love with Guru Clef.

Difference # 2 : Inouva
 There is no such character.
Anime: Not only is he one of Zagato’s minions, he also seems to be his right-hand man. He is used in a number of sneaky attacks on the knights.

Difference # 3 : Ferio’s Gift
 When Ferio leave the girls at the edge of the Forest of Silence, he gives Fuu one of his earrings.
Anime: This time when he leaves the girls, he gives Fuu an amulet that he says can grant wishes, when in fact it is a communication device that he uses to spy on the girls.

Difference # 4 : Debonair/Nova
 The only threat facing Cephiro in the second half is the invasion of the three countries.
Anime: Cephiro faces a double threat, by the invading countires and an evil force that wants the destruction of the world. This force has taken the form of Debonair and with the help of her minions she does succeed in wreaking havoc.

Difference # 5 : Alcyone
 Alcyone is destroyed in the first half and does not make a second appearance.
Anime: Alcyone comes back as an additional minion to Debonair.

Difference # 6 : Eagle Vision
Because of his illness, Eagle goes into a coma, but is starting to improve toward the end.
Anime:Eagle dies in battle near the end.

Difference # 7 : Path to Cephiro
 The girls are able to travel freely between the two worlds after Hikaru abolishes the pillar system.
Anime:The girls are sent back to their own world after the end of the second season and have to wish themselves back to Cephiro, if it is even possible.