Update History

4 April 2006
Yes, a new layout after only a few months of the other one. It had become too tiresome to get pages to be linked where I wanted them. Also, as I haven’t updated the updates in a while, I wanted to mention the new forum and fanfiction archives. please visit them. The forum is still going to be audited on the 12th to decide its fate.

7 March 2006
New fanfiction added. The author count still needs to be updated again. Updates and Fanfiction are to be revamped for unseen space issues. New sections are up, including Manga and Communities. Series will be up as soon as I can get it organized. I have been offered images from the webmisstress at the HenHeart Rayearth forums. An image gallery is looking promising in the furture.

22 February 2006
Fanfiction side is now up, new fics will be added within the week. A few dead links, but that shall be taken care of tonight and tomorrow.

21 February 2006
New layout up, but stil a few gliches that need to be taken care of. more images shall be up once I get my scanner running again. Fanfiction is moved over, but shall not be linked up until after the new layout is up on that side. The new layout will be up within the week.

19 February 2006
After almost a year running, DNT has its first fanart. I have been snowed in thsi weekend, and finally got around to finishing out my doodles. A colour verison of the first one should be done with in a week. Fanfiction has not been moved yet, but we are getting to it.

13 January 2006 
Definitely Not Tokyo has moved to ad-free hosing on Psynos.net. Things will be looking up as the fanfiction archive and all is moved over to the new site.

27 November 2005
Music rotation has been started. First song is Itsuka Tenshi ni Nareru. It is up in WMA format.

20 September 2005
CD information up and running. Character images have been added to the information page.

30 August 2005
The Ascot Shrine now has a fan listing

3 June 2005
New links added. Buttons put up in place of text links.

14 April 2005
More pages are up, but I haven’t posted an update that past few time I have updated. Charcter pages are now up and in working order, while info is still being added. More fanfics have been added to the archive. Manga translations have been posted as well a few scans. More links have been added, and the Ascot shrine is now up and running.

31 March 2005
New pages are being added. The Character page is in processing. I need to be finding some good images for the profiles. As you see, the updates page is up. The fanfiction archive is up and running. More fics are being added everyday. We are just waiting on replies from authors.